Program - Concertotata

Concerto Nonprofit Kft. Tata (Hungary)
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Music Master Classes
The program of the course:

  • 16 August 2020 (Sunday)
Students arrive in the quarters, into the Bláthy Dormitory (7 Bercsényi street, Tata).
In arriving after the registration, you order room.
You have to pay the other part of the fee by cash payment.
In the afternoon, there will be a placement test and chamber formation.
At 19.00 opening ceremony in the restaurant of the pension, and then gives you the necessary information’s.
At 19.30 to have dinner.

  • 17-26 August 2020 (from Monday to second Wednesday)
School days, every day workshop 09-13 hours, and 14-18 in the Music school of Menner (47 Fazekas street, Tata), according to the timetable announced on the site.
Meanwhile the course there are to play lot of opportunities for concerts: in the programs of Baroque Festival and in the Music school.
Every day between 07.30-08.30 to have a breakfast, 19.00 to have dinner in the restaurant of Siraly Pension.

  • 26 August 2020 (Wednesday)
19.00 clock: Gala concert in Kapucinus Church (1 Bela Bartok Street, Tata).

  • 27 August 2020 (Thursday)
Departure of the participants. 12.00 hours to leave the accommodation.
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