Dinner choosing - Concertotata

Concerto Nonprofit Kft. Tata (Hungary)
Tartalomhoz ugrás

Dinner choosing

Music Master Classes

Chicken paprikash with polenta and cucumber salad
Quinoa salad with orange and chicken breast
Creamed spinach spagetti with cheese

Beef goulash, Home made Strudel
BBQ Chicken wings with sweet popatato and vegetables
Creamed spinach spagetti with cheese

Beef roast "Csáky style with galuska (hungarian noodles)
Stuffed zucchini with green sauce and bulgur
Vegetarian Stuffed zucchini with green sauce and bulgur

Kijevi Chicken breast with roasted potatoes and fresh salad
Pork roast with steak potatoes and cabbage salad
Fried cheese with rise and tartar sauce

Pulled pork sandwiches with salad
Mediterran chicken breast with grill vegetables
Grill vegetables with millet chuff

Hunter's stew with bread dumpling
4 cheese chicken breast with croquett
Lecsó (hungarian ratatouille) with well-well sausage and bread or rise

Fried sesame chicken breast stuffed with cheese and prune-smashed potato- salad
Nizza salad with tuna
Mushroom paprikash with galuska( hungarian noodles)

Roasted knuckle cabbage and vegetable bed, potato dumplings
Crispy chicken with vegetables and cheesy millet
Grill camambert with buckwheat and blueberry jam

Cordon bleu pork rib with smashed potato and salad
Fried chicken breast with cheese, bulgur and salad
Eggplant casserole

Red wine beef stew with potatoes
Chicken skewer with chick-pee-pearl barley salad
Stuffed vegetebles with quinoa and feta cheese

Stuffed pork in bacon with vegetable-pearl barley salad
Creamy spinach gnocci with chicken strips
Stuffed mushrooms with cheese rice balls
Vissza a tartalomhoz